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October 23, 2005

Thousands of Illinoisans rally in support of Governor Blagojevich’s All Kids plan to provide comprehensive health coverage for every uninsured child in the state
Leading Illinois Legislators, union leaders, community advocates, health care advocates, and families come together to build momentum for ‘All Kids’ before next week’s fall legislative veto session

CHICAGO – Thousands of Illinoisans today came together in Chicago for a rally in support of Governor Blagojevich’s All Kids plan to provide comprehensive health coverage for every uninsured child in the state. They were joined by members of Illinois’ Congressional delegation, state legislators, union leaders, community advocates and concerned families who urged the Illinois General Assembly to pass the All Kids proposal during the fall veto session, which begins on Tuesday, October 25. 
The All Kids rally culminated more than two weeks of outreach and mounting support.  Since the Governor announced his All Kids plan on October 6, more than 400 organizations from around the state have signed on in support of the proposal, including groups representing hospitals, doctors, nurses, educators, labor, child advocates and clergy.
“Every child deserves the chance to be healthy.  We’ve worked hard for three years to make health care available for more working and low-income families.  But thousands of kids from working class and middle class families have fallen through the cracks because their families earn too much to qualify for government programs, but still can’t afford private insurance.  That’s not what the American Dream is all about.  This week, we’ll have the opportunity to make sure that every child in Illinois has access to affordable, good health insurance. This is the right thing to do now, and it’s the right thing to do for our future,” said Gov. Blagojevich.
In Illinois, 253,000 children are without health insurance.  More than half of Illinois’ uninsured children come from working and middle class families who earn too much to qualify for programs like KidCare, but not enough to afford private health insurance. All Kids would make comprehensive health insurance available to children, with parents paying monthly premiums and co-payments for doctor’s visits and prescription drugs at affordable rates.
Several parents who currently cannot afford private health insurance for their children joined the rally today to push for passage of the All Kids plan.
“Two out of three of my children are in need of medical care at this very moment,” said Tiffany Ascensio, a mother from Romeoville who spoke at today’s rally.  “It is a mother's worst nightmare knowing that your child is sick, and there may not be anything that you can do about it.  The emotional and economic stresses of not being able to afford healthcare for your children can completely be avoided if the Governor's All Kids plan is passed into law.  This plan needs to be passed, not only for my family's sake, but for the thousands of families across Illinois that are in the same position that we are.”
The Governor’s All Kids program would offer children access to comprehensive health care, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and medical devices like eye glasses and asthma inhalers.
Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, a lead sponsor of the All Kids legislation, said, “Strong testimony to the importance of this plan comes in the sheer number of organizations who have agreed to support it. It will be a big help in building the coalition needed to pass the bill next week.”
Senate President Emil Jones, the other lead sponsor of the plan, said, “Health care coverage is a concern for every family. All Kids is an innovative program that will provide health care insurance for families who would otherwise go without. The program will not only provide much-needed affordable coverage, but will keep costs down by ensuring that kids are treated for a minor illness before it turns into a life-threatening condition.”
Several statewide officials have added their support for the All Kids program.
“In 2001, I walked from the Mississippi River in Rock Island to Lake Michigan in Chicago on behalf of decent health care,” said Lt. Governor Pat Quinn.  “The All Kids Initiative delivers affordable health coverage for the children of the thousands of working moms and dads I met along the way.”
Secretary of State Jesse White added, “The children of today are this country’s future leaders. To ensure their success, we need to do our best and make sure they have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, a good education and good health—and that means good health care. That’s why I support Governor Blagojevich’s All Kids program because it offers affordable health insurance to those who really need it.”
Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes said, “Governor Blagojevich continues to show his commitment to providing health care to Illinois’ working families.  Insuring that all children in Illinois have adequate health care and health care coverage is an important goal. Preventive care can save the state money in the long run.”
Members of Illinois’ Congressional delegation attended today’s rally to voice their support for All Kids.
“The Governor has been a leader on health care issues for many years.  He has a solid record of fighting to provide the people of Illinois with access to affordable, dependable health care," said Congressman Rahm Emanuel (IL-5th).  “All Kids is the next big step in continuing this fight.  With this program, we will become the first state in the nation to provide health care for every child.  By providing this kind of comprehensive coverage we are investing in our future.  I applaud the Governor for this initiative and for his commitment to the people of Illinois.”
“Healthcare should be one of the most basic of all rights, especially for children, because without it they cannot grow into healthy adulthood. Governor Blagojevich is to be commended for his comprehensive approach to this need,” said Congressman Danny K. Davis (IL-7th).
“Governor Blagojevich's All Kids program would provide a lifeline to the quarter million uninsured children in Illinois.  Skyrocketing health care costs have made insurance unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of middle class families across the state.  Illinois could be the first state in the nation to insure all kids, sending a signal that providing universal coverage for children is not only a moral imperative, but also an economically sound policy that all states should adopt,” said Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-9th).
“I believe health care of equal high quality is a human right that every American should enjoy.  All Kids in Illinois is a long step in that direction,” said Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-2nd).
“The Governor’s All Kids plan would help the many families across Illinois that cannot afford healthcare insurance but are not eligible to receive public assistance.  None of our children should have to go without doctor visits if they are sick.  I completely support the governor and the All Kids initiative,” said Congressman Daniel Lipinski (IL-3rd).
Several state lawmakers also spoke at today’s rally, vowing their continued support in the fight to pass All Kids.
“Governor Blagojevich's All Kids program will truly make a difference and help bridge the gap between lower and middle class families who otherwise may not be able to afford escalating health care costs.  It is a worthy proposal that I believe every state legislator should be on board with,” said state Sen. Mattie Hunter (Chicago).
“I am pleased that Governor Blagojevich is reaching out to middle income families who have no health insurance for their children.  The All Kids program is an initiative that will help our working families cope with high health care costs, which can financially strangle a working class
family.  This is a good initiative that has my complete support,” said state Sen. Kimberly Lightford (Westchester).
“The health of our kids is paramount,” state Sen. Martin Sandoval (Cicero) said. “I will
not rest until every single child in Illinois goes to bed at night with medical insurance.  Health care for our children should not depend whether the parents have a generous employer.”
“Once again State Government has initiated creative policy that helps real people.  Illinois is already at the forefront of insuring working families, hopefully this is the beginning of bringing some sanity to Health Care Policy.  As a bonus, if we do this the right way, taxpayers will actually save money,” said state Rep. Lou Lang (Skokie).
“I'm pleased to support the All Kids program proposed by Governor Rod Blagojevich. This is a bold and unique initiative that will benefit many children throughout Illinois, but especially in my district. This is exactly what we need in Illinois,” said state Rep. William Davis (East Hazel Crest).
“All Kids is a program that all the people of Illinois can be proud.  I predict that Governor Blagojevich vision will become a model used throughout the entire nation.  I applaud the Governor on his continued commitment to our children, seniors and the hardworking men and women of our great State,” said state Rep. Robert Molaro (Chicago).
“Illinois will be at the forefront of protecting children's health. It is much cheaper to provide preventive care than wait until children are very ill and need specialty care. So by having health care for all children, we will reduce the cost of medical care for children because fewer will become severely ill. Illinois will be the leader once again in initiating a major health program,” said state Rep. Monique Davis (Chicago).
“When hardworking families can't afford to send their children to a doctor or get them needed medicine, there is a problem,” state Rep. Robert Rita (Crestwood) said.  “Governor Blagojevich's plan to provide health insurance to all children in Illinois is simply the right thing to do, and I applaud his leadership in tackling this most important issue.”
“Once again Gov. Blagojevich has shown innovation, resolve and courage by addressing one of the most important needs in our society.  I applaud his efforts in bringing this measure forward and enthusiastically will be supporting this movement toward universal health care,” said state Rep. Karen A. Yarbrough (Broadview).
“I believe this is a great step forward in expanding access to health care in our state,” said state Rep. Michele Chavez (Cicero). “Helping our children grow up strong and healthy is an investment in the future of communities throughout Illinois.”
Numerous health care, child advocacy and labor groups joined the elected officials in rallying for All Kids today.
“There is nothing worse for parents than to know that their children are not well-cared for.  Not having access to health insurance is a nightmare waiting to happen for working families.  The All Kids plan needs to happen so that parents don’t have to worry about their children’s health and the children can live their lives to the fullest,” said Maria Whelan of Action for Children.
“The research is clear – when kids are healthy, they are more likely to do well in school,” said Harriet Meyer, President of the Ounce of Prevention Fund.  “We should do all that we can to help them excel – that means starting when they’re very young so they can enter school eager to continue learning and ready to succeed.”
“Nothing is a more basic concern to parents that the health of their children.  And nothing is more important to the strength of our democracy than our collective support to families to help them protect the health of their children,” said Jerry Stermer of Voices for Illinois Children.
“Affordable health care for all working families has long been a top priority for Labor and All Kids is a great step towards that goal.  We fully support this program and applaud the Governor’s initiative.  Over the next few weeks, we will be asking union members to call their state representatives and senators and encourage them to vote yes for the passage of this critical legislation,” said Margaret Blackshere of the Illinois AFL-CIO.
“The Governor with this All Kids proposal puts Illinois in the lead for establishing health care as a right for kids.   Working families and middle-income families have always been left out, but now, thanks to this program, every family will be covered.  It is not only important for our state but for the country.  We are proud to have a Governor leading by example to show that this is what children across the country deserve.  Healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” said Joe Costigan of UNITE HERE.
“The All Kids initiative makes business sense.  Small businesses often struggle to provide comprehensive health care for their employees and as a consequence suffer from lack of productivity when otherwise preventable health emergencies arise.  Healthy kids mean strong families for a stronger Illinois,” said Juan Ochoa of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Over the past two and a half years, the Blagojevich Administration has worked to expand health coverage for low-income, working parents and their children.  Since January of 2003, 170,000 more children in Illinois received health insurance, and Illinois is now ranked as the second best state in the nation by the Kaiser Family Foundation for providing health care to children who need it (Illinois is also now the top ranked state in the nation for providing health care to adults who need it).
Despite these gains, there are still uninsured children in every corner of the state.  Based on adjusted 2003 Census data, approximately 253,000 children in Illinois do not have health insurance. Twelve percent of children in Cook County, the state’s most populated county, are uninsured.  In Pulaski County at the southern tip of Illinois, nearly 15% of children lack health coverage.  In St. Clair County, 9.3% of children do not have health insurance.  In Sangamon County, home to Illinois’ capitol, 8.6% of kids are not insured.  Even in suburban DuPage County, one of the twenty-five wealthiest counties in the United States, 7.2% of children have no health insurance.  
Research shows that uninsured children suffer because they do not have access to adequate medical care.  For example:
·                    The Kaiser Family Foundation found that uninsured children are 70% less likely than children with insurance to receive medical care for conditions like ear infections, and 30% less likely to receive medical attention when they are injured. 
·                    A National Health Interview Survey found that 59% of uninsured children did not see a doctor for a check-up in the past year and 38% of children have no regular place to go for medical care.  These factors put uninsured children at higher risk for hospitalization or missed diagnoses of serious conditions.
Participants in the new program will pay monthly premiums and co-payments for doctor’s visits and prescriptions, but unlike private insurance that is too expensive for so many families; the rates for All Kids coverage will be based on a family’s income.  The state is able to offer All Kids insurance coverage at much lower than market rates for middle-income families by leveraging the significant negotiating and buying power it already has through Medicaid. 
For example, a family with two children that earns between $40,000 and $59,999 a year will pay a $40 monthly premium per child, and a $10 co-pay per physician visit. A family with two children earning between $60,000 and $79,999 will pay a $70 monthly premium per child, and a $15 co-pay per physician visit.  However, there will be no co-pays for preventative care visits, such as annual immunizations and regular check ups and screenings for vision, hearing, appropriate development or preventative dental.  These premiums for middle-income families are significantly more affordable than typical private insurance premiums of $100 to $200 a month, or $2,400 per child annually.
The state will cover the difference between what parents contribute in monthly premiums and the actual cost of providing health care for each child, expected to be $45 million in the first year, with savings generated by implementing a primary care case management model (PCCM) for participants in the state’s FamilyCare and All Kids health care programs.  Participants will choose a single primary physician who will manage their care by ensuring they get immunizations and other preventative health care services and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  Patients with chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes will have a single care manager to make sure they are getting the treatments and ongoing care they need to avoid acute care.  Primary care physicians will make referrals to specialists for additional care or tests as needed. 
By ensuring patients get adequate preventative care on the front end, fewer people will need expensive specialized care or emergency care for critical conditions.  In children, preventative care is especially important.  For example, infants with stomach flu (gastroenteritis) who receive appropriate primary care can avoid being hospitalized for dehydration.  Providing a timely exam and appropriate antibiotic treatment for children with ear infections (otitis media) can prevent chronic ear problems, loss of hearing and the need for surgically placed tubes to relieve fluid build up.  Treating children with bronchitis or minor lung infections in a primary care setting can help to avoid more expensive hospitalization treatment of pneumonia, including intravenous antibiotics and respiratory treatments.  And early identification and appropriate treatment of children who have chronic illnesses, such as asthma, will result in fewer expensive emergency room and inpatient care visits.     
Twenty-nine other states, including North Carolina, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and Louisiana, have realized significant savings by using this model for their Medicaid programs.  Based on independent analyses, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services estimates the state will save more than $56 million in the first year by implementing the PCCM model in all state health programs but those that serve seniors and the blind.
Evidence shows that in addition to lacking adequate medical care, children without health insurance are at a disadvantage in the classroom.  For example:
·                    According to a Florida Healthy Kids Annual Report in 1997, children who do not have health coverage are 25% more likely to miss school. 
·                    A California Health Status Assessment Project on children’s health published in 2002 found that children who recently enrolled in health care saw their attendance and performance improve by 68%. 
·                    And a 2002 study in Vermont entitled Building Bridges to Healthy Kids and Better Students conducted by the Council of Chief State School Officers showed that children who started out without health insurance saw their reading scores more than double after getting health care.
Research also provides strong economic reasons for insuring all children.  Delayed treatment can result in more complex, more threatening and more expensive care later.  While the uninsured pay approximately 35% of their medical bills out of pocket, more than 40% ends up being absorbed by those who do have health insurance in the form of higher premiums.  According to a recent Families USA report, the cost of paying for the uninsured will add $1059 to the average family’s insurance premiums here in Illinois in 2005. 
In addition, investing in health care can have a positive impact on local economies.  Over the past five years, the health care industry has created nearly 40,000 new jobs in Illinois.  Health care is the second-fastest growing industry in the state, and one of the fastest in the nation. 
More information about All Kids is available online at www.allkidscovered.com.
Organizations supporting the All Kids plan include:

100 Black Men of Alton, Inc.
ABJ Community Services
Access Health Network
Action for Children
Acton & Snyder, LLP
Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.
Advocate Health Systems
AIDS Project Quad Cities
Albany Bank & Trust
Albany Park Chamber of Commerce
Albany Park Community Center
Alchamy Training Systems
Alivio Medical Center
Alpha Temple Missionary Baptist Church
Alternative School Network
Amalgamated Transit Union #241
Amalgamated Transit Union #308
America’s Promise
Arc of Illinois
Archview Economic Development Corporation
Arlington Glass Company
Associated Firefighters of Illinois
Association of Safety-Net Community Hospitals
Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center
Aurora African Heritage Committee
Baker and Taylor
Believers Christian Center
Bethel Bible Church
Bethel Bible Church in Decatur
Big Brothers of Danville
Black Contractors United
Blacks in Government
Bloomington Normal Trade and Labor Assembly
Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.
Bureau County United Way
Business for Public Interest
Campaign for Better Health Care
Carole Jo Robertson Center for Learning
Carpenters Local 244
Carpenters Local 638
Carthage Community Development
Carver Community Action Agency
Casa Aztlan
Cathedral of Joy Church
Catholic Charities Danville
Catholic Charities of Peoria
Centennial Missionary Baptist Church
Center for Children Services
Center for Labor and Community Research
Central Illinois Manufacturing Company
Centro Sin Fronteras
CGN & Associates
Champaign Urbana Health Department
Chicago and Cook County Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC)
Chicago Area Projects
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Chicago Federation of Labor
Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Chicago Foundation for Women
Chicago Jobs Council
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
Chicagoland Minority Journal Newspaper
Child Welfare League of America
Children’s Home and Aid Society
Children’s Memorial Hospital
Christ Tabernacle Church
Christian Activity Center
Christian Care Academy
Christopher House
Church of The Living God
Cim-Tek Filtration
Citizen Action Illinois
Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
Community & Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc.
Community Health Partnership
Cook County Economic Development Center
Cook County Physicians Association
Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce
Covenant Insurance Group
Creative Solutions Technologies
Crosspoint Human Center
Crosswalk Community Action Agency
Crusader Clinic
D.R. Home Furnishing
Danville Housing Authority
Danville School District #118
Darco Steel & Wire Co., Inc.
Datatech Group
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission
Decatur Black Chamber of Commerce
Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly
Direct MedStaff Nursing, Inc.
Downstate Transportation Services
DuPage Sewing and Vacuum
East Central Illinois Action Program
East Central Illinois Community Action Agency
East Side Health District - East St. Louis
EDGE Enterprise Development
Egyptian Building Trades Council
El Hogar del Nino
El Valor
Ellet Plumbing
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Environmental Operations, Inc.
Erie Neighborhood House
Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church
Family Christian Center
Family Community Resource Center
Family Focus
Fantastic Sams
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
Fernwood United Methodist Church
First Baptist Congregational Church
First Corinthians Baptist Church
First Financial Group
First Rockford Group
First Unity Baptist Church
Fontier Communications
Ford Heights Community Service Organization
Forward in Faith Ministries
Fox Valley United Way
Franklin County CASA
Franklin County Regional Economic Development Corporation
Freedom Temple Church of God in Christ
Full Gospel Baptist Churches of Illinois
Fulton County Health Department
Gad Hill - Chicago
General State Convention of Illinois
Generational Blessings
George Washington Carver Association, Inc.
Georgetown-Ridge Farm School District
GET Technology Solutions
Gleason Equipment
Global Staffing Services
God First Ministries
Goreville Gazette
Greater Madison County Federation of Labor
Greater Rock MBC
GTD Inc.of Illinois
Hardin County Main Street
Harold Washington Community College
Hayes Properties, Inc.
Heart of Illinois Big Brothers Big Sisters
Heartland Alliance
Heritage International Christian Church
Hermon Baptist Church
Herrin Community Unit School #4
Hispanic Contractors Association
Holland Construction Services
Holten Meats
Holy Cross Church
Holy Cross Hospital
Home Instead
Hope Presbyterian Church
IBEW Local 197
IBEW Local 44
Illinois Regional Development Alliance
Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
Illinois AFL-CIO
Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association
Illinois Association of School Nurses
Illinois Business Financial Services
Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health
Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Illinois Coalition for Community Services
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Illinois Community Action Association
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
Illinois Employment Training  Center
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Hospital Association
Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition
Illinois Nurses Association
Illinois Physical Therapy Association
Illinois Pipe Trades
Illinois Planned Parenthood Council
Illinois Podiatric Medical Association
Illinois Primary Health Care Association
Illinois Public Health Association
Illinois Regional Development Alliance
Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing
Illinois/Iowa Center for Independent Living
Ilora L’Original Beauty Concepts, Inc.
Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church
Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
Infant Welfare Society
Institute for Latino Progress
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 34
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 21 (IBEW)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 702
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, State Council
International Union of Op Engineers
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 30
J R Short Milling Co.
J.F. Electric, Inc.
Jackson County Business Dev Corp
Jacksonville Main Street
Jane Adams Hull House
Jane Addams Bookstore
Jaros Technology
Jasper County Chamber of Commerce
Jobs for Youth Chicago
John A Logan College
Johnson County 2000
Joy Community Church
Kankakee/Will/Grundy Building Trades Association
Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital
Kishwaukee United Way - DeKalb/Sycamore
Knox County Regional Office of Education
Kreative Xpressions
La Rabida Children's Hospital
Laborers District Council, Chicago
Laborers Great Plains District Council
Laborers Local 362
Laborers’ Local 703
Lakefront Supportive Housing
Latino Union of Chicago
League of Latin American Citizens, Council 5218
League of United Latin American Citizens
Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House
Lets Talk, Lets Test Foundation
Lewis & Clark Community College
Lexxon Networks, Inc.
Liberty Temple Church of God in Christ
Life Center Church of God in Christ
Lilydale Baptist Church
Lincoln Park Hospital
Livingston and McLean Counties Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC)
Lord's Way Baptist Church
Loretto Hospital
LULAC of Aurora
Madison Bond Workforce Investment Board
Madison Communications
Madison County Employment & Training
Madison County Urban League
Madonna House
Main Street Church of the Living God
Mercy Hospital Medical Center
Messiah-St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church
Michael Reese Hospital
Mid America Workforce Investment Board
Mid Central Community Action
Millienium Trade International
Minority Business Journal
MLK Jr. Community Services Inc
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Mudge Professional Services
Mujeres Latinas en Accion
National Association of Social Workers
National Women's Law Center
New Abundant Life Church
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church
New Faith Baptist Church
New Hope Community Baptist Church
New Hope Inspirational Baptist Church
New Kingdom Missionary Baptist Church
New Morning Star MB Church
New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church
New Spiritual Light of Jerusalem Baptist Church
NIU Business and Industry Services
Northern IL Black Chamber of Commerce
Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium, Inc.
Norwegian American Hospital
OJC Technologies
One Church One Child
Operating Engineers Local 318
Operation Cease Fire – Aurora
Ounce of Prevention Fund
Pana Economic Development
Park Manor Church of God
People's Church of The Harvest Church of God in Christ
Pirok Financial Group, Limited
Planned Parenthood of East Central Illinois
Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 653
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 99
Prairie Center
Praise Tabernacle Deliverance Baptist Church
President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Chicago and Vicinity                        
President of the Baptist Pastors Conference of Chicago and Vicinity
President of The National Baptist Convention of America
President of the Westside Baptist Ministers Conference
Printing Industry of Illinois
Progressive Baptist Church
Project Success
Promised Land Employment
Protestants for the Common Good
Provena Mercy Medical Center
Provide Access to Help – PATH
Providence Missionary Baptist Church
Proviso Baptist Church
Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action
Pulaski County Development Association
Quad City Federation of Labor
Quad Counties Urban League
Quality Control Corporation
Quasar Strategies
Quincy Housing Authority
Quincy Public School District #172
Rape Crisis Center - Danville
Regional Office of Education #1
Rehab Care Center Jackson County
Rend Lake College
Rendleman Orchards
Resource Business Group
Restoration Missionary Baptist Church
Rockford Area Ventures
Rockford College
Rockford Housing Authority
Rockford Physical Therapists Association
Rockford United Labor
Roy Brothers, Inc
S & B Manufacturing
Safer Foundation
Salem Tabernacle Church
Schleifring Medical
SEIU Local 880
SEIU State Council
Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
Shawnee Community College
Shawnee Development Corp
Sinai Health Systems
SIU Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development
South Shore Hospital
Southeastern IL Electric Cooperative
Southeastern Regional Plann Comm
Southern Five Regional Planning Commission
Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market
Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation
Southern Illinois Tourism Development Office
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Southernmost Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone, Inc.
Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
Southwest Illinois Development Authority
Southwest Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Southwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades
Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council
Southwestern Illinois College
St. Anthony Hospital
St. Bernard Hospital
St. John Missionary Baptist Church
St. Mark Baptist Church
St. Sabina Church - Chicago
Stateline United Way
Suburban Hispanic Heritage Community Council
Supportive Housing Providers Association
Sweet Holy Spirit
Taylorville Main Street
Teamsters Joint Council #25
The Alliance of Edwardsville & Glen Carbon
The Center for Children Services
The Community Wellness Project
The Economic Development Council for Central Illinois
The Great Impasta
The Illinois Maternal Child Health Coalition
The Link and Options Center
The Resurrection Project
The Salvation Army
Third Baptist Church
Touchette Regional Hospital
Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church
Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities, Inc.
Tri-City Building Trades
Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church
Tri-Star Business Communities
Two Rivers Regional Council - Workforce Investment
UAW Local 2488
UAW Region 4 (Auto Workers)
Union County Economic Development Corporation
Union Missionary Baptist Church
UNITE HERE, Local 16
United Pentecostal  Church of Christ
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, Local 638
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Local 269
United Congregations of Metro East
United Fellowship Church
United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 881 (UFCW)
United Mine Workers (UMWA)
United Neighborhood Organization
United Power for Action and Justice
United Scrap
United Steel Workers District 7


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