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August 31, 2001

Governor Awards more than $1.2 Million in Grants to Plug Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

SPRINGFIELD -- Governor George H. Ryan today awarded more than $1.27 million in grants to plug more than 300 abandoned oil and gas wells in 21 Illinois Counties. "Abandoned oil and gas wells can cause environmental and safety threats," Governor Ryan said. "Through Illinois FIRST, we are providing $10 million over five years to decrease the number of these wells, and to ensure they are plugged properly and most importantly, to protect groundwater supplies and farm land at risk due to these orphaned wells."

Governor Ryan announced Illinois FIRST is providing the grants to 112 landowners who will plug 302 wells on their property in 21 counties throughout Illinois. These are the latest grants for plugging abandoned wells. Illinois FIRST is providing $10 million over five years to dramatically reduce the backlog of abandoned oil and gas wells in Illinois. During the first two years of the program, more than 1,100 wells have been plugged.

Well eligibility information and additional details about the program are available by contacting the IDNR Office of Mines and Minerals Landowner Grant Program, 524 South Second St., Springfield, IL 62701-1787, or phone 217/782-7756, Ameritech Relay 800/526-0844.

Below is a list of grant recipients, the number of wells to be plugged and the grant amount.

Keyesport Sand & Gravel LLC.1$4,800
Keyesport Rd., Keyesport
Donald Rentmeister1$1,240
#4, Box 178, Mt. Sterling
Five M Farms, Inc. 3$3,908
R.R. 1, Timewell
Lois Butcher1$3,500
2720 N. 1700 E. Rd., Blue Mound
Warren Vincent2$7,000
2651 N. 1230 E. Rd., Mt. Auburn
Mark Butcher4$14,000
136 N. Moore St., Illiopolis
Anna J. Brooks1$3,500
421 Cabrilla Ave., Davis, CA
Tract A. Spencer5$7,000
N. Vorcey, Tolono
Herschell Huddlestun5$23,515
3643 E. 1250th Rd., Casey
John Stoutin5$9,300
3774 E. 600 Rd., Casey
Daniel Neibarger III3$13,040
17300 N. Hammer Rd., Marshall
Billy Peterman/B. Bailey2$8,530
R.R. 2, Box 64, Clay City
John Rotchford3$12,000
2N 475 Swift Rd., Lombard
Michael Thomann1 $2,500
Rt. #1, Box 129, Noble
Don Murray5$14,800
28232 College Rd., Centralia
Gary Siddell1$2,900
Box 6, Huey
James Lee Gelsinger1$2,900
28434 College Rd., Centralia
John Siddell5$17,500
Box 6, Huey
K.P.&S. Of Centralia4$11,300
P.O. Box 436, Oklahoma City
Kenneth P. Schomaker1$3,800
16923 County Farm Road, Carlyle
Keyesport Sand & Gravel, LLC3$14,400
Keyesport Rd., Keyesport
Loyce E. Howle3$9,000
9741 Jolliff Br. Rd., Centralia
Jack C. Schroeter2$6,100
9504 Jolliff Bridge, Centralia
Wayne D. Humphres1$4,850
12663 N.C.R. 2700 E., Ashmore
Royleen Gayle McKee5$22,065
1506 Countryview Ln., Robinson
Jeff L. Gurley2 $9,660
14430 N. 1150th St., Robinson
Jerry King5$20,270
15720 N. 800 St., Robinson
Darrell G. Shipman3$13,083
508 N. Harrison St., Oblong
Donald F. Williamson1$4,390
8595 N. 1250th St., Robinson
Barry Caywood1$4,935
4126 N. St. Highway 1, Flat Rock
Charles L. Rains1$3,190
8157 E. 1700 Ave., Robinson
Earl Turner3$13,065
1003 South 6, P.O. Box 226, Marshall
Illinois Oil Field Museum1$4,585
10766 N. 600th St., Robinson
Paul W. Lee4$19,580
2444 Co. Rd. 1100 N., Casey
Glenda S. Comer2$10,710
P.O. Box 325, Casey
Kenneth G. Comer4$21,945
P.O. Box 325, 2435 Co. Rd. 1100, Casey
Macedonia Baptist Church in Cumberland2$10,145
12232 N. 100th St., Casey
Lucille Todd4$18,710
415 North Central, Casey
Paul W. Lee1$4,790
2444 Co. Rd. 1100 N., Casey
Kenneth G. Comer4$18,240
P.O. Box 325 2435 Co. Rd. 1100, Casey
Lucille Todd1$4,280
415 North Central, Casey
Eli R. Sidwell5$22,950
6936 Knollcrest Dr., Charleston
Dena Harris4$19,205
4501 S. Fox St., Englewood, CO
Lowell Shore2$10,650
304 West Main, Casey
Gary Shore4$19,180
850 E. Lincoln, Hoopeston
Dwight Shore1$4,460
602 Archer Ave., Marshall
Fran Keister1$4,990
Tamarac, FL
Kevin Larkin5$22,830
2352 Co. Rd. 875N, Casey
Fred Gardner5$25,180
2478 A. Co. Rd. 1050N, Casey
Donald Brandenburg5$23,995
10510 N. Coles Street, Casey
Dena Harris1$4,980
4501 S. Fox St., Englewood, CO
Fran Keister4$18,650
5150 Rock Island Road, Tamarac, FL
Dwight Shore4$17,420
602 Archer Ave., Marshall
Lowell Shore3$13,730
304 West Main, Casey
Gary Shore1$5,100
850 E. Lincoln, Hoopeston
Neoma Sunderland1$4,900
11836 E. Paiute St., Pheonix, AZ
Chester Siegert1$4,450
R.R. #1, Box 88, Grayville
Allen E. Wiseman1$4,000
1513 N. 1000 Blvd., Browns
Francis O. Davis4$18,000
#5 Earl's Row, Conroe, TX
Victor Knight5$23,200
Rt. 5, Box 209, McLeansboro
Steve Becker2$9,000
Rt. #4, Box 157, McLeansboro
John Hish5$24,500
P.O. Box 226, Broughton
Cindy Orgon2$9,200
Rt. 4, Box 247, McLeansboro
Glenn Short2$6,900
P.O. Box 176, Broughton
Frank L. Douglas4$19,600
Rt. #1, Box 41, Broughton
Paul E. Adams1$4,900
R.R. #5, McLeansboro
Glenn H. Roundtree5$24,500
P.O. Box 77, Dale
Emma Dee Irvin4$17,200
#2, Box 426, McLeansboro
Henry E. Hahn5$22,500
200 Sunset Dr., McLeansboro
Kenneth Lasaterv5$22,500
R.R. 1, Box 289A, McLeansboro
Lucille Burnett5$22,500
308 S. Pearl St., McLeansboro
Madonna Arrivo5$22,500
127 Edgewater Drive, Noblesville, IN
William & Velma White2$9,600
7252 N. Spring Garden Lane, Mt. Vernon
Joe A. Hays1$3,400
8339 Homestead Rd., Dix
John M. King3$14,455
R.R. #1, Box 492, Sumner
Richard L. Edgington1$4,968
R. #2, Box 283, Lawrenceville
George Ivers3$14,865
R. #1, Box 89, St. Francisville
Benjamin Buchanan5$22,615
R.R. #1, Box 79, Lawrenceville
Samuel Buchanan2$8,630
R.R. #1, Box 81A, Lawrenceville
Donald L. Morehead, Sr. 2$8,380
R. #1, Box 218, Bridgeport
Norma R. Anthis3$13,995
216 Fairway Dr., Evansville, IN
Robert Keith Gillespie2$8,050
R.R. #1, Francisville
Rowland Buchanan1$4,435
R.R. #1, Box 253, St. Francisville
Ivan & Kathleen Clodfelter1$4,100
175 N. Prairieton Rd., Parkersburg
Charles W. Cunningham1$4,980
602 Fairmont St., Bridgeport
Judith J. Phipps4$18,370
R. #1, Box 108, St. Francisville
Dennis D. Ivers3$14,305
R. #1, Box 88A, St. Francisville
Frank Heinzmann Co5$21,875
556 Shady Grove Rd., Patoka
John R. Siegler4$18,605
1555 Woods Land, Centralia
Mary Jane Hassebrock2$9,060
7310 Bilek Road, Alma
Ralph J. Mirka1$4,480
7319 Malone Rd., Alma
Randy Helm2$7,700
30 Ridge Road, Centralia
Gwen Willis2$7,700
7331 Texas Road, Ashley
Donald Brough1$2,150
R.R. #3, Plymouth
Dean R. Summers2$9,400
4065 N. Glenwood Rd., Noble
1512 N. St. Marie Rd., Calhoun
Ray Sager1$3,500
3212 N. Valley View Dr., Bloomington, IN
William R. Susdorf3$11,000
180 Gran Via, Palm Desert, CA
Don, Sharon, Melv, Edith Goldsborough1$1,145
R.R. #3, Rushville
Melvin & Edith Goldsborough1$1,145
R.R. 3, Box 36, Rushville
Chester Siegert4$13,490
R.R. #1, Box 88, Grayville
Virginia Ruth Wiseman3$12,000
1513 N. 1000 Blvd., Browns
Eunice E. Shinn1$4,800
721 Division St., Lockport
Earl Schonaman5$19,000
P.O. Box 141, Browns
Lambert Lamczyk1$4,900
23072 Posen Rd., DuBois
Jim Hoeszle1$4,500
Rt. 1, Box 400, West Salem
Iva Spencer2$6,400
125 Luden Ct., Lexington, SC
Stephens Family Partnership2$9,400
1294 Co. Rd. 800 E., Carmi
John R. Fields1$4,600
257 Sheffield Lane, Glen Ellyn
Richard Gates5$23,300
928 Co. Rd. 1600 N., Carmi
Verla J. Savage3$14,200
548 Co. Rd. 1300 N., Enfield
Margaret L. Lazaretti, Trustee5$25,000
Box 823, Centralia


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